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T Gluck & Company is a New York City based seller of Diamonds and Fine Jewelry in business since 1938.


We were hired by T Gluck & Company to do the following:

  1. Do the complete buildout of their new Shopify site.

  2. Conduct theme research for their new Shopify website.

  3. Provide a popup on the product page which gives Jewelry Details.

  4. Build custom pages for About Us, and Diamond Education.

  5. Advise on Shopify apps.


The new website is a huge success with a great appearance and functionality, and lots of favorable comments. The clients are thrilled with the new site.

"Michael did a great job bringing our vision to life of a modern website for our jewelry company. He was very responsive to our technical needs and consistent with communication and implementing updates."

Justin Ellis, T Gluck & Company

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