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Kelly Hughes Designs is a stationery and gift company with a mission to spark happiness through their whimsical and delightful designs.


We were hired by Kelly Hughes Designs to do the following:

  1. Evalauate the under construction website for SEO, Conversion Optimization, and eCommerce best practices.

  2. Setup collection of customer reviews on their website.

  3. Improve their email marketing practices and success by implemeting email marketing automation.


  1. Did keyword research and advised on keywords to use in Navigation, Prodiuct titles, and Product Descriptions. Added Shopify apps to improve the shopping expereience. Add metadata where needed.

  2. Provided critical social proof with customer reviews on the home page, collection page, product page and a new Reviews page.

  3. Vastly improved their email marketing efforts with the use of the Omnisend Email Automation platform which provides triggered email messages througout the customer journey.

"Michael is knowledgeable, clear and to the point, and genuinely helpful. After many years of attempting, I finally have a Shopify site up and running and I feel confident that I am set up for success. Anyone with a small business that does not have the time or knowledge to manage the details of SEO, Web Design, or Email Marketing would benefit from his services"

Kelly Hughes, Kelly Hughes Designs

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