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Little Apple Treats develops and manufacturers delicious handmade Apple Cider Vinegars, Granola's, Shrubs, Caramels, and more made with the apples grown on their organic farm in Sebastopol, California.


We were hired by Little Apple Treats to do the following:

  1. Setup and publish their products to Amazon Seller Central as an additional sales channel.

  2. Setup Amazon, Facebook and Instagram advertising of their products.

  3. Advise on eCommerce best practices and evolve the user experience of it's website.

  4. Setup Google and Bing advertising for their products.

  5. Redesign their Shopify website.

  6. Install Klaviyo Email Automation software and setup.

  7. Perform an in-depth SEO Audit of their website.


  1. Performed keyword research and optimized product titles, bullet points and search terms for their Amazon listings. Setup initial Amazon advertising, and Synced Amazon with their Shopify website. Also advised on review software to utilize and Amazon best practices. Little Apple Treats has consistently been making sales on Amazon.

  2. Setup and tested multiple Facebook/Instagram ad types, audiences, copy, and picture assets.

  3. Added Review Software that automates collection and publishing of consumer reviews on their website. Added other apps that were needed such as cross-sell, backup, structured data, persistent cart. Also added SEO enhancements.

  4. Setup Google Merchant Center, Shopping Ads, Remarketing Ads, Google Reviews, Surfaces Across Google, and Product Ratings. Also setup Bing Merchant Center and Bing Shopping Ads.

  5. Chose a new Shopify theme and set it up based on their needs and requirements.

  6. Installed Klaviyo Email Marketing platform, and setup all the users segments and automation flows.

  7. Did a SEO audit and improved various aspects of the site that needed it. Added meta-data, keywords where needed and improved the overall crawlability of the site.

  • 180% Increase in year over year Sales Revenue
  • 117% Increase in Visitors
  • 112% Increase in Store Sessions
  • 158% Increase in Total Orders
  • 105% Increase in Returning Customers
  • 8% Increase in Average Order Value
  • 16% Increase in Store Conversion Rate

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