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Brave Hawk Sports is a family run business that specializes in offering custom baseball hats and jerseys for their local sports teams and businesses.


We were hired by Brave Hawk to do the following:

  1. Build custom configurators that allow for peronalization in real-time for 2 types baseball hats and jerseys.

  2. Do the complete buildout of their new Shopify site.

  3. Conduct theme research for their new Shopify website.

  4. Perform keyword and SEO reserach.

  5. Advise on Shopify app selection.


The new website is a huge success with a great appearance, an improved ordering process for custom items, and lots of favorable comments. The client is thrilled with the new site.

"Will definitely use again. He knows his stuff and if he doesn’t know something he will jump through hoops to get the answer for you."

Bryan Justice, Brave Hawk Sports

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