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Bella Notte is a family run luxury linen and bedding manufacturer that was established in 1996. They design and make sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers, coverlets, throw blankets, shams, and decorative pillows.

"Michael was  in charge of website design, merchandising, digital marketing, seo, sem, email, social media, and content  for our  two retail websites. His knowledge and experience drove our sales up remarkably during his time at the company"

Jenny Snodgrass, Bella Notte Product Specialist


I was hired by Bella Notte to run their e-commerce operations in late 2015. My responsibilities included Shopify website design, website performance, website merchandising, user experience, seo, email marketing, digital marketing, marketplace management, social media, web analytics, influencer marketing, content marketing, and performance monitoring. The main goals were to:

  • Increase Online Revenue and customers

  • Improve Website Design and performance

  • Improve and increase Digital Marketing efforts

  • Increase frequency and quality of Social Media posts

  • Improve Email Marketing

  • Enter E-commerce Marketplaces

  • Create blog content for Content Marketing

  • Improve SEO performance


I dramatically improved all aspects of their online marketing, website design, social media, blog content, seo, and got them into multiple marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, and Houzz. My strategic approach led to increases of the following within the first year.

1516237-128 (4).png

78% increase in online orders

1516237-128 (5).png

52% increase in online revenue

1516237-128 (2).png

38% increase in conversion rate

1516237-128 (3).png

20% new website conversion lift 

1516237-128 (6).png

46% daily website revenue lift 

1516237-128 (7).png

171% increase in email list

1516237-128 (8).png
1516237-128 (9).png

95% email open rate increase

128% email clickthru increase

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