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Holme & Hadfield  creates and manufactures high end display cases for watches, knives, coins, and more using the highest quality materials.


I was hired by Holme and Hadfield to assist with their website, and to complete tasks given. I initially worked on completing their product pages in Gempages. I then advised them on a bunch of improvements that needed to be made to the homepage, product pages, navigation, seo, reviews display, and then completed that work. I also set up their products on Etsy UK, and did work to set up their website. I also helped with Amazon MCF, and the setup for order fulfillment from multiple warehouses. I then set them up on Veeqo for improved order routing. I also worked within Klayvio to build a Back in Stock automation.​


The improvements are huge success with a great appearance, improved cross selling, improved SEO, and lots of favorable comments. The client is thrilled with the site improvements.

"It was great working with Michael. He understands the ins and outs of Shopify backend as well as the frontend. We use GemPages as Michael had lots of great ideas on how to improve our conversion rate. He also helped us with our Etsy backend setup. Definitely recommend!"

Andres Alla, Holme & Hadfield

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