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Fanm Djanm is the designer and manufacturer of colorful, beautiful, and decorative  headbands, bandanas, headwraps, and more.


We were hired by Fanm Djanm to do the following:

  1. Conduct an audit of their ecommerce website and email marketing.

  2. Improve the collection and display of customer reviews on their website.

  3. Improve their email marketing practices and success by implemeting email marketing automation.

  4. Improve the website conversion rate and make other improvements to their website.


  1. Vastly improved their email marketing efforts with the use of the Omnisend Email Automation platform which provides triggered email messages througout the customer journey.

  2. Provided critical social proof with customer reviews on the home page, collection page, product page and a new Reviews page.

  3. Provided a roadmap to future improvements with an Audit Report

"Michael provided a detailed audit of our website and made prioritized recommendations. He completed the work quickly, was thorough, and had great communication. We hired Michael to implement recommendations. He has installed an app on our Shopify site to collect product reviews from customers, set up email marketing automations, ,improved our website, and much more. We are pleased with the work he has done and plan to continue using Michael as our #1 web developer."

Paola Mathe, Fanm Djanm

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