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Light & Shade Solutions is a building construction supplier in Windsor, CA specializing in lighting controls and window shade solutions.


We were hired by Light & Shade Solutions to do the following:

  1. Fully explain the Blindspace Box product to the architecture and construction industry.

  2. Fully display how to use the Blindspace Boxes at different window and door configurations.

  3. Provide PDF and DWG downloads for use in construction documents.

  4. Create specialized forms to allow interested parties to contact them for more information.

  5. Design a clean, modern website, that is easy to use.


  1. Did keyword research for keywords to use in Navigation, Prodiuct Titles, and Product Descriptions. 

  2. Created multiple photo and video galleries displaying the product in multiple configurations.

  3. Designed a clean, modern website that met all their needs with custom forms and downloads.

"I appreciate the time and energy Michael poured into our website design project. He was very easy to work with and helpful with the process. I was overwhelmed, and Michael taking this off my plate was a great breath of relief. I would hire him again if I needed another website built"

Rachel Hageman, Light & Shade Solutions

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