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Edel Golf manufactures golf clubs and putters customized to your specifications and desires.


We were hired by Edel Golf to do the following:

  1. Create custom 2D product configurators for their new line of Array putters. Allowing the user to see in real time the choices the user has made to customize their putter. These choices then carry thru to the cart and checkout.

  2. Fix how the variants prices were calculated for the SMS Irons and SMS Pro Irons. The current app had limitations and problems.

  3. Research and provide the best Shopify app technology for their product configurator needs.


They loved the Product Configurators that I created and were thrilled at the result. Here are links to the 4 putters which I created these for: 

Array B1 Putter
Array F1 Putter
Array F2 Putter
Array F3 Putter

Michael helped us identify, install, and implement a product personalization app to assist in the launch of a new product offering. With the focus placed on product visualization and the number of variants present, Michael helped us solve numerous issues that arose throughout the project in a very expedient manner. Now, we have a fully functional product personalization tool that gives customers a customized image of what they will receive before final purchase. Exactly what we were looking for!

Blake Whitmore | Edel Golf

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