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BrilliantK9 is a family run business in Lucas, OH specializing in making and manufacturing ergonomic, comfortable dog harnesses and accessiories.

"Excellent Team Player, listens, steady seasoned and current advice, gets the job done without hand holding. I created a new contract for ongoing support to keep him in my corner. In my career I truly believe he is one of the best Freelancers I’ve worked with."

Teri Jaymes, BrilliantK9


We were hired by BrilliantK9 to do the following:

  1. Complete the build out and design of their new Shopify theme.

  2. Keyword  and SEO Research.

  3. Design new Size Charts for the harnesses.

  4. Advise on App selection.

  5. Create a new form for collecting a dog's measurements.


The new website was a huge success with improved appearance, improved SEO, an improved ordereing process, and lot's of positive comments from users.

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