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Night Bliss developed and sells unique in-bed cooling fans that are used to alleviate night sweats, and hot flashes caused by menoupause.


We were hired by Night Bliss to advise on best practices for Amazon listing optimization and Enhanced Brand Content, and to setup Amazon advertising. We subsequently were hired to fine tune their website SEO, and functionality. Tasks performed:

  • Performed keyword research and optimized product titles, bullet points, and search terms for all listings.

  • Add Enhanced Brand Content to all listings.

  • Campaign research and setup of multiple Amazon advertising campaigns.

  • Advised on third party review software to utilize, and the advantages of selling via Amazon FBA.

  • Fine tuned the website SEO

  • Added cross-sells and up-sells

  • Added needed site messaging

  • Added product photos and improved the layout


Product find-ability and revenue increased dramatically due to the Enhanced Brand Content, listing optimizations, and Amazon advertising. Website usability was improved dramatically.

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