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Carpenter Farmhouse is a family run business in Greer, S.C. specializing in making custom laser cut wall hung wooden name signs for the home. They have a wide variety of wooden quote signs, and can customize almost any name, word, or saying that you wish in custom fonts and colors.

" Michael is great to work with, and is easy to communicate with. He made us a beautiful website that we are so pleased with. He also setup our email marketing with Omnisend and are so glad that he did. We would recommend him to anyone looking to build a website or setup email marketing"

Niki Carpenter, Carpenter Farmhouse


We were hired by Carpenter Farmhouse to do the following:

  1. Design and build a new Shopify website for their business which was only on Etsy before.

  2. Keyword  and SEO Research.

  3. Advise on eCommerce best practices.

  4. Setup and advise on App selection.

  5. Add customizations such as a Font Selector and a Cross-Sell Popup.

  6. Install Ominsend Email Automation software and setup emails, flows, and segments.

  7. Digital Marketing setup and advisement.

  8. Ongoing advising regarding Amazon, further digital marketing, and ecommerce enhancements.


There was a huge response from their customer base to the new website, and it performed very well in terms of revenue, conversion rate, and page views per visit. They are in the top 1% of sites that launched the same week on Shopify in terms of traffic.

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