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S. Pederson
Miranda Gardens Resort

"Michael was referred by a trusted friend. He is patient, knowledgeable, and diligent. He was easy to communicate with and grasped the concept immediately. Our booking frequency increased immediately upon going live with the website. We would work with him again and hope to do so"

J. Snodgrass
Bella Notte Linens

"Michael was  in charge of website design, merchandising, digital marketing, seo, sem, email, social media, and content  for our  two retail websites. His knowledge and experience drove our sales up remarkably during his time with the company"

C. Stoicescu
Yoga with Corina

"As an independent yoga teacher in a saturated market, it's important that new students find me easily when they search for yoga classes. Michael helped my website become more prominent in searches and he had straightforward advice on how to update the look and functionality"

M. Koffler
Selamat Designs

"Michael is very versatile and knowledgeable when it comes to e-commerce and digital marketing. He is constantly evolving the user experience of the website through customization's with a keen awareness of conversion and average order value"

S. Little
Slinktanc PPC

 "Michael is a great collaborator.  I appreciated his insights and our brainstorming to come up with strategies for our digital marketing in an ever evolving digital landscape."

Alain serkissian 2.jpg
A. Serkissian
Mirabel Lodge

 "Michael created a very updated and appealing website, we are delighted with the outcome. His patience, consistency, organization, suggestions, research, and understanding of our busy schedule was very much appreciated and welcome in very stressful times. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a new or updated website"

N. Carpenter
Carpenter Farmhouse

" Michael is great to work with, and is easy to communicate with. He made us a beautiful website that we are so pleased with. He also setup our email marketing with Omnisend and are so glad that he did. We would recommend him to anyone looking to build a website or setup email marketing"

About Us profile pic Toni 2 head.jpg
T. Weber
Ricebagz for Orphans

Michael created our not-for-profit website from scratch, providing valuable advice and tips on how to structure a compelling and attractive website. We are super happy with the result: it looks amazing and so easy to navigate. We have our first orders within 24 hours of launching!

K. Hughes
Kelly Hughes Designs

"Michael is knowledgable, clear and to the point, and genuinelly helpful. After many years of attempting, I finally have a Shopify site up and running and I fell confident that I am set up for success. Anyone with a small business that does not have the time or knowledge to mange the details of SEO, Web Design, or Email Marketing would benefit from his services"

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